Emerging trends in Courier Services

Story so far

It is estimated that the Global Courier, Express, and Parcel market will grow by 141.05$ billion during the year 2021- 2025. With the pandemic wreaking havoc and causing people to lose their business, courier service had few dents but emerged victorious in the end.

Digital Buyers

E-commerce shipping solutions have propelled the market growth to new heights as this pandemic has opened up opportunities for online shopping, and buying behavior has taken a different turn. Digital buyers are now at 2.14 billion, meaning 1 out of every 4 people tend to be buying online.

With growth comes innovation and innovations are driven by technologies. Let us see how courier services have drastically changed under the influence of the pandemic

1. Bots and Drones to the rescue- People have been very skeptical when it comes to receiving their items from the delivery executive, especially in these unprecedented times where human contact can turn fatal. Keeping safety in mind, using bots and drones seems like a viable option.

Introduced first by Amazon in 2016, this mode of delivery garnered a lot of attention as it was cost-effective, safe, and time-friendly. Alphabet, the parent company of Google also experimented with drones to deliver ship parts to ships that were far ashore.

It is evident that drones and bots are going to redefine delivery solutions.

2. Tracking is cracking!- Tracking has and always will make customers happy. Embracing and leveraging this resource of narrowing down on the location and time of the package is fascinating.

Features like route optimization, real-time tracking, and visibility have paved towards seamless packaging and on and before time delivery. The packaging firm is also benefited as they can charter a course for the delivery executive, helping him/her to deliver maximum packages in the least amount of time.

It not only adds brand value but also helps customers feel good as they are able to track their packages in real-time. Adding value is pivotal when it comes to logistics and courier firms.

3. Omnichannel Distribution is the new distribution- Omnichannel Distribution is integrating channels with each other to create a seamless experience. With customers buying products on a loop, Omnichannel Distribution is thriving. Using one channel to survive would be a fool’s way of running a courier business with multiple channels.

Retaining your already existing customers is essential for the long run and omnichannel will help your package delivery business to achieve that. Standalone businesses won’t make progress and will face more challenges as they lack inventory visibility. Innovating strategies are bound to bloom in 2021.

4. Cloud technology to tackle the increase in the volume of delivery- Cloud technology has been creating rows for its enhanced speed, connectivity, and flexibility of storing tonnes of data for delivery. Enhancing the agility and decision-making accuracy reduces the mishaps when it comes to courier services.

Cloud technology will evolve in an intelligible way, helping firms to deal with bulk data effortlessly!

5. Redefining speed delivery with increased warehouses- Customers expect to get timely deliveries, they expect it to be quick and fast. With quick timelines, delivery services are expected to deliver the same day. Keeping that in mind, Home pickup courier services or e-commerce services need to increase their warehouses and spread their hubs across the city. This not only reduces the shipment time but also the labor costs, yielding better returns.

This trend will see an uptick with e-commerce giants like Amazon setting up more warehouses to ease up the delivery time.

The road ahead…

2020 has been a roller coaster ride but courier and e-commerce companies haven’t been adversely affected. With smarter innovations and optimized resources, the future of courier and e-commerce services looks promising indeed!