Tabaal – Make the most of our Privileged Online Shipping Services

Long gone are those days when one had to break their heads in order to find a courier provider in town. Back then, in the absence of technology transformations and the now-celebrated digital era, things weren’t that easy for the common people. And to send couriers and parcels were one amongst those uphill tasks. 

But now, the tables have flipped with the emergence of diverse courier providers and online shipping partners. The digital platforms and technology transitions have revamped the CEP services. The CEP market size has witnessed massive growth over the years with constant extension in the e-commerce sector. And this has paved the way for diverse Online Shipping Partners to act as an intermediary between the customers and the Courier Providers. And, to bridge this gap was one of the significant success components that many Online Shipping Solution providers had leveraged to the fullest. Thereby, making it easy for the customers to choose their favourite and most affordable courier partners under one banner. 

With an annual growth rate of more than 25%, the CEP industry is on track for phenomenal growth. Both B2B and B2C industries are on the lookout for the best and affordable online shipping partners who could well meet their requirements. And here is one such Online Shipping Partner who could aid you for all your courier and parcel needs. 

Businesses across the world are now finding it hard to find a reliable Logistics Solution Provider, who could unburden the bottlenecks concerning the logistics delivery. Despite a massive network of solution providers in town, the need for a perfect shipping partner is still a matter of concern. And this is exactly where Tabaal comes to your rescue. 

Tabaal – a product of Rheintal Logistics Pvt Ltd truly believes the transformative power of digital supply chain networks and their ability to simplify processes, elevate transparency and save costs. Tabaal facilitates this digital push among the companies and Consumers who use Courier, Express, and Parcel(CEP) services. We are much more than your e-commerce logistics & shipping solution partner.  

Our delivery network is significantly wide enough to make sure you enjoy hassle-free shipping services across boundaries. With the help of Tabaal, it’s now pretty easy to book and ship your package from anywhere with ease. you can send couriers and parcels from the comfort of your home and office with ease. And, the foremost important part is that you simply get to save a lot on your shipping costs. A whopping 80%! 

And the most vital thing is that you simply could choose between multiple courier providers!!! Have you ever imagined, how easy shipping would have been if you could find the best courier partners in town under one roof? This creates it easy for you to see on the costs and services to settle on your affordable solution.

Our esteemed Shipping Partners include,

  • FedEx     
  • DTDC   
  • The Professional Couriers 
  • Shadowfax  
  • Delhivery

Wouldn’t you love to compare prices and then decide upon your affordable courier provider? Visit to send couriers and parcels from the comfort of your home and office.