“Tabaal” Online Shipping Solutions – Revamping the Operational Cycle

Shipping solutions over the years have adhered to a stereotypic operational cycle to take care of their logistic operations. And this, in fact, reflects on the stagnated delivery procedures that are still prevalent in the Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) services. A pivotal up-gradation in the way goods/packages are delivered is all that’s missing from the digital supply chain network. And this, in turn, has encountered adverse effects on the emerging practices & trends in the logistics industry.

In a country that’s widely open to opportunities, the logistics industry has tremendously outshined in diverse spectrums. With a potential growth-platform well-laid, multitudinous logistic companies have popped up over the years. And this had a fair share of contribution towards the e-commerce revenue. 

Reports state that Asia-Pacific is held high as the global leader in e-commerce market owing to 50% plus penetration of sales growth. Hence, the need for a well-formulated operational cycle is predominantly the need of the hour. A drastic change in the way goods/packages are shipped & delivered might pave way for an eventual fall in the delivery hindrances. Thereby, leading to a convenient line of shipping services!  

So, when venturing into the shipment spectrum, all that we had in our thought process was to redefine the process of shipping goods. We sincerely wanted our customers to enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience at the most affordable costs. And, this wasn’t too from reach with a focus-driven process cycle & a dedicated team who tirelessly work to ensure an Enhanced Customer Experience all through the process.

How do we do it?

The first & foremost thing that strikes your mind now would be this question, what’s different? To a greater extent, all the shipping providers in town align to a similar line of delivery operation and this has been on course for so long now. The base structure of any online shipping solution provider remains the same while it’s the method formulation that varies with respect to each provider. 

At Tabaal, the most stringent policy that we adhere to would be this,

Affordable package delivery & a hassle-free shipping experience!

And the reason for emphasising the above statement greatly turns the focus light on the biggest challenges faced by the Shipping Solutions provider in the country. Sustainable growth for a longer period of time in the Shipping Industry has now become an outdated concept. 

Though the Online Shipping Solution providers have largely benefited from digital innovations, there are still a few hindrances that keep us at bay. And a few of those include the below,

  • Availability of Man-Power
  • Security Risks
  • Rising Costs
  • Regulation Changes
  • Infrastructural Challenges
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Environmental Issues
  • Technology Upgradation

Not just these, there are plenty more in place that can have adverse effects on the way your packages & couriers are shipped and delivered. A deeper look into the above factors or a significant recce will provide you with a clear depiction of the “field workforce optimization issues” that lead to the technical difficulties in shipping and delivering your packages/couriers. 

So, what’s the real solution? 

A structured solution that perfectly fits into the logistics workflow model doesn’t actually put an end to all the issues that the industry has been facing. Moreover, the evolving changes in the logistics industry demand the need for an adaptable solution/delivery process. Which attunes to the periodic changes & operation cycles that hold the roots for the entire shipment process. 

So, after having all these in mind, we at Tabaal have formulated an operational cycle or the so-called shipment delivery system. This workflow was structured to revamp the existing operational cycles in place and provide a hassle-free experience to the customers starting from the placement of orders to delivery of packages/couriers. Every connecting funnel is well accustomed to encountering unforeseen interventions in the shipment delivery system. 

Aren’t you looking forward to witnessing the revamped delivery process or the operational cycle of Tabaal? Hold on for a while, perhaps our next blog will provide you with a broader picture of our delivery process system. 
Until then, we are here for all of your Courier, Express, and Parcel requirements; you can reach out to us at www.tabaal.in. We’ll be more than delighted to assist you!