Tabaal – Your new eCommerce Logistics & Shipping Solution Partner

In a world that’s driven by technology and innovation, the pace at which things are operated is way too quick for the blink of an eye. The fast-paced lifestyle might seem to be a common hurdle for the people of today. But then, this doesn’t refrain us from carrying out our day to day activities and complex operations. In fact, with the diverse technological transitions that have occurred until now, there has been a massive shift in the way the world operates. The sophisticated way of doing things has changed its pattern with plentiful customized solutions arriving in place. 

We’ve now got a tailored solution for almost everything that comes our way. Be it shopping from our favourite boutique or ordering food from our most-loved restaurant, things have become pretty easy with the evolution of the digital era. Businesses have largely shifted their presence from offline to online modes of operation. This has literally opened the scope for ease of access and convenience for the customers across the world. And the same implies with e-commerce logistics & shipping solutions which arguably are the predominant factors that ensure a complete business cycle. 

Be it for an individual requirement or a Business entity, couriers and shipping solutions have now come a long way. And this is exactly where Tabaal comes into play!

Tabaal – What is it all about?

For all those who hear about Tabaal for the first time, the name says it all! We are one of the top-notch courier & shipping solution providers in India. To keep it simple, we are your next-door online shipping solutions partner who could deal with all of your courier and parcel needs. We are committed to outshine as one of the fastest and most affordable courier service providers operational across a wide range of serviceable pin codes. 

Being tagged as a product of the Rheintal Logistics Pvt Ltd, Tabaal facilitates a digital push among the businesses and consumers who use the Courier, Express, and Parcel services. At Rheintal, we truly believe in the transformation power of Digital Supply Chain networks and their ability to simplify processes, elevate transparency, and save costs. 

We truly envision a revolution in the CEP services spectrum making it more easy & affordable for the customers to ship their parcels from anywhere in the world. Even the core aspect of our service methodology adheres to the same in ensuring impeccable online shipping solutions like never before. 

You can now send Couriers and Parcels from the comfort of your home & office – It’s as simple as that. 

With the aid of a well-constructed operational structure in place, we at Tabaal firmly believe in providing affordable shipping solutions that perfectly fit into your requirement slot without any muddles. 

And to benefit the above, we have a wide array of features that can make our shipping services look effortless. With Tabaal, you always have an edge when compared to the other courier service providers in town. Be it the services, cost, or customer satisfaction, we top the list in every possible operational aspect. And, here’s a sneak peek of the attributes that make us stand apart from the crowd,

Doorstep Pick Up 

– Your Comfort Matters the Most to Us

COD Available 

– For the Ease of Purchase & Convenience

Multiple Providers 

 – Pick your Best & Affordable Choice

24000+ Serviceable Pincodes 

– A Wide Network with Superior Customer Experience

Having said this much, aren’t you really interested in getting to know the operational lifecycle of Tabaal. We don’t do it any different, we just do it the way you want. And that’s typically how our Courier, Express, and Parcel services unfold. 

Being a One-Stop-Solution for all your CEP needs, we take care of all B2B and B2C requirements & also ensure in delivering the best possible services. 

So, when plentiful e-commerce shipping providers are popping up in town, why still TABAAL? And that’s because we offer customized shipping solutions that perfectly map your requirements. 

There’s plenty more in store for justification but then, we leave it here for you. To have a glance at one of the best online shipping solutions provider in town. Visit us at and get to know more about us. Else, be a little more patient until we come back with an interesting narration on the pivotal reasons to choose Tabaal over other shipping service providers in town.

For all of your Courier, Express, and Parcel requirements; you can reach out to us at We’ll be more than delighted to assist you!